Definitions for "Rent charge"
a grant of an annual sum payable out of lands in which the grantor has an estate
A small charge reserved to a previous owner of land that is paid to him or his successors annually out of freehold land. It is not a rent.
A rent charge was a type of financial obligation, which at one time was paid by the owners of freehold land in parts of England, as a commutation of the former obligation to pay tithes.
The interest paid on a lease. It can be thought of as the equivalent of interest on a conventional installment loan. It is one of the factors used in establishing Base Monthly Payment. Also known as the Lease Charge.
The charge that applies in a lease agreement that is similar to the finance charge on an installment sale contract or interest on a loan. Also referred to as a lease charge.
In a lease, this is basically the total amount of interest you are paying. It is also known as the "lease charge."