Definitions for "Renovation"
The act or process of renovating; the state of being renovated or renewed.
restoring or renewing something, usually a home.
Methods of rehabilitation in which all or part of the original fabric of a pipeline are incorporated and its current performance improved.
Complete overhaul of horizontal blind (excluding cordlock and tiltgear replacement). Service includes cleaning, recording, and retaping.
removing an old planting and putting in a new one or removing and replacing only part of a planting. In strawberry culture, this process involves removing the leaves of the plants and cultivating the aisle to reduce the width of the row of plants to no more than 15 inches.
Act of making a building functionally and structurally sound by a process of updating.
modernization of an old or historic building that may produce inappropriate alterations or eliminate important features and details.
bringing the old playing characteristics back to courses which have become easier due to modern technology balls, clubs and maintenance which shorten the course.
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a synonym to reengineering.
Repairing an item to its original, or near-original condition.
Usually denotes the state of internal repair of a property. To be fully renovated, a property should have new bathrooms and kitchen, electrical wiring and plumbing, and often new windows and doors. This should not be confused with decoration which is usually basic.
The act or process of returning a property to a state of utility through repair or alteration which makes possible a contemporary use.
The process of bringing back a structure or landscape to its original state.