Definitions for "Renewal"
The process for extending an existing subscription order. First time renewals are often called “conversions” or “sensitive renewals”; second time renewals are often called “semi-sensitive renewals”; and third and subsequent time renewals are often called “firm renewals” or “pure renewals” (see “Conversion”)
Continuance of coverage under an insurance policy beyond its original term. Also, especially with respect to life insurance, the payment of premiums after the first year of a policy or the agent's commissions on such second and subsequent years' premiums.
(Domain Name) Most domain names need to be renewed at some scheduled yearly interval. Names that expire, are not renewed, become available to someone else.
To extend the due date on library materials checked out beyond the originally due date.  Renewals of library materials may be done over the phone, in person at any circulation desk or online through using “View Your Record & Renew” feature on Roger.
Extension of the registration of an intellectual property right for an additional period of time.(FR:Renouvellement)
This end of term option allows the customer to extend the length of the service agreement for an additional time period, typically in one year increments.
Construction of a new sewer, on or off the line of an existing sewer. The basic function and capacity of the new sewer being similar to the original.
a new creation; reversal; the newness of life; a freshness; a new lifestyle (way of living); putting on the new man (Colossians 3:10), fresh thinking and attitudes.
an offer to provide insurance for a new term
the automatic renewal of the insurance as per the anniversary date. Serious injury: a “serious injury” shall be determined to exist only after review and agreement by both the attending physician and the Company's medical consultant.
Nutrazon(tm) IMAs must renew their IMA Agreement each year no later than the anniversary date of their joining the Company. If an IMA does not renew their relationship with Nutrazon(tm), they will be dropped from the computer files and any sponsored or enrolled IMAs will be moved up to the next active IMA. If they wish to rejoin Nutrazon(tm) at a later date, they may not reclaim their previous rank or Downline, but must join at the standard entry level in the program. ( See “Roll-up”)
a restoration of what once existed and a social renaissance is a resurrected culture that operates upon the principles of historic tradition
Preservation, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of existing infrastructure asset.
As distinct from repair, this is "reconstruction of the entirely meaning not necessarily the whole subject matter".0
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Renewal is the sixth album by the German thrash metal band Kreator.
Renewal is the collective term for Charismatic, pentecostal and neo-charismatic churches.
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Report Repricing
The act of renewing, or the state of being renewed; as, the renewal of a treaty.
Contractual relationships between insurers and reinsurers are maintained over long periods of time. The treaty terms and conditions are normally modified annually in so-called renewal negotiations, and the treaties are renewed accordingly.
the conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation
April 1 of each year for BESA. Rates may be adjusted with prior notification. Plan benefit changes are made at renewal.
The act of filing formal documents to renew an inoperative or forfeited charter.
A mortgage is up for renewal when the term is up. At this time you can pre-pay the mortgage in part or in full without any penalty. You can also renew with the current lender or change lenders in order to obtain the lowest rate possible.
When the mortgage term has concluded, your mortgage is up for renewal. It is open at this time for prepayment in part or in full, then renew with same lender or transfer to another lender at no cost (we can arrange).
The automatic reestablishment of in-force status effected by the payment of another premium.
Substitution of an obligation for a later one which supersedes the first.
Placement of a day order identical to one not completed on the previous day.
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a highly significant event
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Rent Rent control
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filling again by supplying what has been used up