Definitions for "ren "
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See Ringer Equivalence Number.
Ringer Equivalence Number. Measurement of the load on a telephone circuit; if overloaded, not all handsets on the circuit will ring.
Ringer Equivalence Number - a telephone line can normally supply upto 4 REN, where a standard telephone/answering machine etc would equal 1 REN.
In DOS, you can do 'ren *.txt *.bak'. Ren does the same sort of thing, but better. Each filename matching the source pattern is renamed using the destination pattern. There are checks to make sure files are not lost or overwritten.
Renames a file or files. (Also RENAME)
OldFileName NewFileName REName a file that stays in its current directory. EG: ren * _*. This prefixes all files with an underscdore.
Chinese for the highest Confucian virtue, variously translated as humanity, humaneness, human heartedness, love, and benevolence. The asterisk is used to distinguish the virtue from the homophonic character that simply means human being.
Endurance, forbearance, tolerance.
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Refund/Exchange Notice. The REN is designed to simplify and support the reporting of refunds and exchanges on your weekly sales report. A REN must be used whenever a refund or exchange transaction is being completed. See Section 6 of the IAH for further details.
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Man or mankind.
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Person, people. Also the given name of my Laoban.
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The name of a person, the social identity.
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A run.
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See Renne.