Definitions for "Remote"
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Equipment allowing from-a-distance control, usually without physical connections; however wired connection is possible.
A broadcast coming from outside the studio.
a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance; "he lost the remote for his TV"
Removed to a distance; not near; far away; distant; -- said in respect to time or to place; as, remote ages; remote lands.
Not proximate or acting directly; primary; distant.
In data processing, a term used to refer to any devices that are not located near the main computer.
Remote approach, bomb technician uses an ROV
drilling equipment – walkover equipment typically includes a direct reading receiver held by the locating technician and a remote unit that is a repeater for the locator. The remote is located at the drilling machine and enables the driller to see the same information as the locator.
Separate; abstracted.
Separated by intervals greater than usual.
A small handheld device separate from the projector, which contains projector controls such as volume, brightness, etc.
Seimaru Amagi and illustrated by Tetsuya Koshiba, published in the United States by Tokyopop. Despite the story being somehow violent and dark, the characters are depicted in a pretty shōnen style, with lots of fanservice from the female protagonist. In Japan, a popular TV drama was based on its story. Tokyopop's Official Remote Page.
Running remote is carrying the tank somewhere on your body rather than having it on gun. Usually kept in a buttpack. A remote is the line you use to get the gas from the tank to your gun.
Used to refer to a computer or site that is somewhere else.
A remote setup is a CA tank that is connected to the marker via a high pressure air line. The CA tank is usually carried in a harness on your back.
in tort: outcomes that are too unlikely or unforeseeable to guard against The risk of injury to P was so remote that no employer could be found negligent for failing to take the precautions suggested. remotely (adv),remoteness (n)
very unlikely; "an outside chance"; "a remote possibility"; "a remote contingency"
The -remote option is present for backwards compatibility only. Recent releases of Wusage for Windows 95/98/2000/NT provide two binaries: wusageg.exe and wusage.exe. wusageg.exe is the version with a built-in graphical user interface; wusage.exe behaves exactly like the Unix version. In earlier releases the -remote option was used to turn off the graphical interface, as in the Unix version. This is no longer necessary and wusage.exe should be used instead when such behavior is desired. The -s option specifies that wusage should only update the cumulative summary report. The use of this option is not recommended in Wusage 7.0 and above. This option overrides the Daily Reports (daily), Weekly Reports (weekly), Monthly Reports (monthly), Quarterly Reports (quarterly), Annual Reports (annual), Summary Reports (summary), and frequency (frequency) options.
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Equipment communication state during which equipment is controlled by the CC.
Remote communities are typically more than 100 kilometres from the nearest RBA/AHRDA office or are fly-in communities.
refers to a GPS receiver which either moves along a trajectory to be positioned (e.g. for kinematic positioning) or from point to point to be positioned (e.g. semi-kinematic or rapid static), and whose measurements are combined with those from a monitor receiver for relative positioning (also referred to as a rover)
Hence, removed; not agreeing, according, or being related; -- in various figurative uses.
late evening band broadcast from club, ballroom, or hotel (infrequent in present-day radio, and hence infrequently used).
"clicker", "remote control" or just "remote" hand held or keychain radio control that activates the automatic gate operator; press the button and the gate opens or closes.
A common name for the remote control transmitter used with a remote security system (Also see Transmitter).
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Not obvious or sriking; as, a remote resemblance.
Term used to describe a computer running the iTivity Mangaer. It may be used by a help desk engineer, system administrator, or anyone who can help another user.
inaccessible and sparsely populated
This word can pertain to any function that can be operated from a distance, i.e. (1) video switching; (2) camera motion; (3) recording; (4) relay action. These remote functions can be caused to happen due to direct voltage over a long cable or digital information carried by cable, light, radio frequency transmission, etc. RESOLUTION (horizontal) The amount of resolvable detail in the horizontal direction in a picture. It is usually expressed as the number of distinct vertical lines, alternately black and white, which can be seen in a distance equal to picture height. RESOLUTION (vertical) The amount of resolvable detail in the vertical direction in a picture. It is usually expressed as the number of distinct horizontal lines, alternately black and white, which can theoretically be seen in a picture.
sensing When current is flowing the voltage at the end of a cable is different from the voltage at the beginning because of the resistance of the wire. The higher the current the higher this loss. Since switching power supplies contain feedback loops to keep the voltage constant it is feasible to sense the voltage at the other end of the cable with wires that do not conduct current, thus regulating the voltage were it is used, rather than where it is generated. Clever
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a must tough
Not nearly related; not close; as, a remote connection or consanguinity.
Remote Access of DNC server - file transfers initiated by client
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Remote electrical, gas, or water meter digital readouts that are installed near the front of the home in order for utility companies to easily read the home owners usage of the service
far apart in nature; "considerations entirely removed (or remote) from politics"
A way to describe a place that is far away from other settlements
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brachytherapy: See high dose rate remote brachytherapy.
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an absolute requirement for any iPod
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Not agreeing; alien; foreign.
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Change Watch Around Castle
A duty station where family members are not authorized to accompany an active duty sponsor.
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a great idea
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a feature I miss for TV viewing and transfer