Definitions for "Remodeling"
A process which involves upgrading or replacing interior parts and features. This process tends to be done more for aesthetic reasons rather than functional ones. Remodeling may involve the removal and refinishing of interiors to make them indistinguishable from new structures, as well as applying architectural details from different, usually earlier periods. Often such buildings end up with a hybrid appearance, neither looking old or new. This process is often discouraged by conservationists.
To remake or to make over the design image of a building is to remodel it. The appearance is changed by removing original detail and by adding new features that are out of character with the original. Remodeling is inappropriate for historic buildings in Georgetown.
The changing of interior space primarily for aesthetic or preferential reasons when not a part of a renovation.
In the body, the dismantling and re-formation of a structure such as bone.
the process of creating new bone and removing old bone.
a continuous cyclical process by which bone maintains a dynamic steady state through resorption and formation. The term is often associated with the biological remodeling of bone to applied stress known as "Wolff's Law"
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The process by which the blank spots noted by patients using the Amsler grid change positions.
The process of human tissue renewal through continued breaking down and building up
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In A-Fib over a period of time, the fast, abnormal heart rhythm in the atria causes electrical changes and enlarges the atria.
The alteration of a structure which could increase the service life or capacity of a building.
Changing the plan, form, or style of a structure to correct functional or economic deficiencies.
Reconstruction; to make over in structure.
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To make over again in a similar but different way or to change the form, shape or style of real or tangible personal property without causing a loss in its identity.