Definitions for "Remission"
Diminution of intensity; abatement; relaxation.
A temporary and incomplete subsidence of the force or violence of a disease or of pain, as destinguished from intermission, in which the disease completely leaves the patient for a time; abatement.
a healthy state when all the abnormal cancer cells can no longer be detected.
The act of remitting, surrendering, resigning, or giving up.
Discharge from that which is due; relinquishment of a claim, right, or obligation; pardon of transgression; release from forfeiture, penalty, debt, etc.
Instead of going to the vote on a particular motion, the national executive committee (NEC) may seek to remit it. If both the moving branch and conference agree to remit a motion its terms and instructions are discussed by the NEC but they are not bound to carry out those specific terms and instructions.
A decrease in a term of imprisonment provided for by the Penitentiary Act and the Prisons and Reformatories Act. See Earned remission; Statutory remission.
A reduction in the time to be served on a sentence of imprisonment due to good behaviour by the prisoner• Prisoners
Reduced period of imprisonment for good behaviour.
a practice whereby a student’s FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP debt is removed because of special circumstances (62). What constitutes ‘special circumstances’ for the purposes of remission is detailed in the Act (63.4).
where your FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP debt is removed by your provider because of special circumstances. See: Removal of debt
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Remission is a 1984 EP by Skinny Puppy. It was later re-released on CD with extra tracks added to make it a full-length album.
Remission is the first full-length album by Mastodon, released in 2002 on Relapse Records.
Remission (lat. remittere), in spectroscopy, is the reflection or scatter of light by a material. Similar to the word "reemission", it is the light which is scattered backward from a material, as opposed to that which is "transmitted" though the material. The word "reemission" connotes no such directional character.
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Discounts in the tuition rate based on certain eligibility (Examples: CDV, Clerical & Service Staff, Professional & Faculty, Staff Dependents, Senior Citizens).
Remission is the absence of myeloma protein from serum and/or urine by standard testing; absence of myeloma cells from the bone marrow and/or other areas of myeloma involvement; clinical remission and improvement of other laboratory parameters to normal.
Relief of all or a portion of duties under specified conditions under section 115 of the Customs Tariff or section 23 of the Financial Administration Act. Remission orders made under that Act must be recommended by Treasury Board and deemed to be in the public interest (e.g., for the purpose of creating jobs). Orders made under the Customs Tariff require either the Minister of National Revenue or the Minister of Finance to make a recommendation to the Governor in Council. There is no public interest requirement. Most new remission orders are granted under the authority of section 115 of the Customs Tariff.
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The act of sending back.
Act of sending in payment, as money; remittance.
Action by proper authority interrupting the execution of a punishment and canceling out the punishment remaining to be served, while not restoring any right, privilege, or property already affected by the executed portion of the punishment.
when a patient responds to treatment and the body appears to return to normal
A return to wellness.
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a payment of money sent to a person in another place