Definitions for "Remainders"
Leftover books that didn't sell and subsequently are deeply discounted for fast turnover. Publishers strongly resist "remaindering" their titles, but the practice is common for books that badly missed their mark or were initially printed in too great a quantity.
Stamps remaining in official stocks after becoming obsolete.
a collection of stamps in which the most valuable or most desirable items have been removed
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After dividing one number by another, if any amount is left that does not divide evenly, that amount is called the remainder. For example, when 8 is divided by 3, three goes in to eight twice (making 6), and the remainder is 2. When dividing 9 by 3, there is no remainder, because 3 goes in to 9 exactly 3 times, with nothing left over.
Estates that take effect after the termination of a prior estate, such as a life estate.
Future interests in someone other that the grantor; a remainder follows a life estate.