Definitions for "Religious"
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Of or pertaining to religion; concerned with religion; teaching, or setting forth, religion; set apart to religion; as, a religious society; a religious sect; a religious place; religious subjects, books, teachers, houses, wars.
Possessing, or conforming to, religion; pious; godly; as, a religious man, life, behavior, etc.
Belonging to a religious order; bound by vows.
Religious: Build your Monastery in Internet. / Construye tu monasterio en Internet. Web based game that it simulates the management of a monastery at 1000AD.
A term used to mean those clergy who lived under a rule (for example, that of St Augustine or St Benedict) in a religious house (monastery, convent etc.) Rent From the early sixteenth century it became common for leases to stipulate that all or part of the rent be paid in kind (a hedge against inflation). The produce was normally used to support the household and provide feed for the landlord's stock but some was marketed.
Scrupulously faithful or exact; strict.
extremely scrupulous and conscientious; "religious in observing the rules of health"
See Religious empiricism; Religious ethics; Religious existentialism; Religious humanism; Religious language; and Religious pragmatism
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believe in and/or participate in religion.
characterized by attachment to religion; see religion