Definitions for "Rel "
The NIOSH REL (Recommended Exposure Limit) is the highest allowable airborne concentration which is not expected to injure workers. It may be expressed as a ceiling limit or as a time-weighted average (TWA).
ecommended xposure evel, an air concentration that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends should not be exceeded. RELs are designed primarily for occupational settings and exposures. The RELs used in this PHA are all based on 8-hour time weighted average exposures.
Recommended Exposure Limits, NIOSH REL, is the highest allowable airborne concentration that is not expected to injure a worker. It may be expressed as a ceiling or TWA usually for 10 hr. shift
Rel is a program that determines the relevance of text documents to a set of keywords expressed in boolean infix notation. The list of file names that are relevant are printed to the standard output, in order of relevance. The boolean logical operators supported are, "&" for logical "and," "|" for logical "or," and "!" for logical "not." Parenthesis are used as grouping operators.
The forward relationship also known as the "link type". It specifies a named relationship from the enclosing document to the resource specified by the HREF attribute. HTML link relationships are as yet unstandardized, although some conventions have been established. Here are some proposed/used relationship values: Value Description
A relation, i.e. a logical predicate, of an atom (Atom). It is optionally surrounded by an operator (op). Attributes: @uri(See: atom module)
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MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language
Rel is an Open Source true relational database management system (TRDBMS) that implements a significant portion of Chris Date and Hugh Darwen's Tutorial D query language. Primarily intended for teaching purposes, Rel is written in the Java programming language.
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a property which signifies the rel ationship of one page to another, linked, page.
Recorder element. The minimum distance between two recorded points (spots) in an imagesetter.
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Religious - format abbreviation