Definitions for "Rejected"
Rejected is a 2000 animated short comedy film by animator Don Hertzfeldt that was nominated for a 2001 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It received 27 awards from film festivals around the world and in 2004 was ranked by the Internet Movie Database as the 3rd most popular short film of all time. It has achieved a very strong cult following, unprecedented in the world of animated short films: fans often wear costumes and chant along with the film, not unlike the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and occasionally have tattoos made of their favorite characters.
something or someone judged unacceptable; "rejected merchandise"
Proposal was returned unaccepted! The following are possible reasons: Invalid account number Invalid name on account Account open less than 9 months to 1 year Balance transfers less than 9 months to 1 year Account was on or removed from a debt management program within the past 12 months
When a HIT is submitted, work which does not meet the requester's requirements will be Rejected. This may happen immediately or may await additional input from the requester or the requester's application. On the Dashboard and Status views, the Rejected column displays the total number of individual HITs which the worker has completed which did not meet the requester's requirements. Rejection can be an automated process or a manual one, depending on the HIT and the requester's preferences. Workers are not paid for rejected HITs, regardless of time or effort spent to complete them.
e-file status within Lacerte tax software. The IRS has received and rejected the return. Review the reason for the IRS rejection. You may be able to correct the return, re-create the e-file, and re-send the return to the IRS.
status indicating that the ticket will not ever be resolved but will remain recorded in the system.
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rebuffed (by a lover) without warning; "jilted at the altar"
Acceptance refused. Typically because not wanted, unsatisfactory, or not fulfilling requirements in some way. [D03230] Webster
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cast off as valueless
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Nici will not download certain pages if they are too large or small, or if they are of the wrong type}.
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The unconditional denial of access to a list for a specific offer and mail date.