Definitions for "Reinstatement"
Right to reinstate a policy within a reasonable time, after lapsing, with satisfactory evidence of insurability.
The process by which an insurer puts back into force an insurance policy that has either been terminated for nonpayment of premiums or continued as extended term or reduced paid-up coverage.
Occurs when a borrower cures a mortgage default. A mortgage is reinstated if it is brought up to date by paying all charges that had become overdue.
The return of an employee to State service without a break in service.
See Reinstatement in the General Academic Regulations section in this Calendar.
An order for re-employment of an employee who is found by a tribunal or court to have been unfairly dismissed. See also Unfair Dismissal
A process by which a borrower with a defaulted FFELP loan may regain eligibility for Title IV aid by adhering to strict repayment requirements.
A State civil service employee's eligibility for immediate reappointment to a previous classification following a leave of absence, a non-industrial disability leave, an industrial disability leave, a military leave, a temporary appointment, a limited term appointment, a rejection during probation, a medical termination, or a disability retirement.
The eligibility status for appointment to a State civil service classification of persons who have had probationary or permanent status in state civil service and who have separated for various reasons. Reinstatement can be to the same classification or to one that he or she could have transferred to. This reinstatement option is indefinite.
If you are disqualified from SDSU, you must apply for reinstatement before you can be readmitted. Your disqualification notice gives you instructions on how to do this. If you are not reinstated immediately, you may apply later by contacting the Office of the Registrar.
Any student who has been disqualified from participating in the student financial aid programs because of academic reasons may re-apply to the Office of Financial Aid once the standards for satisfactory progress have been met.
Returning a corporation or LLC that has been administratively dissolved or had its certificate of authority revoked, to good standing with the state of formation or qualification.
Returning a corporation that has been administratively dissolved or had its certificate of authority revoked, to good standing on a state's records.
When a company is administratively dissolved, company can file to reinstate the company so it is in good standing again.
the condition of being reinstated; "her reinstatement to her former office followed quickly"
Readmission by the Supreme Court to the practice of law and to membership in the State Bar of a former member who resigned or was disbarred. The former member must demonstrate rehabilitation and present moral qualifications as well as ability and learning in the law.
The acknowledgement by a lender that a delinquent or defaulted loan has been brought up to date by the borrower.
Paying up all delinquent mortgage payments and late charges.
The acknowledgement by a mortgagee that a delinquent loan has been brought current by the mortgagor.
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The act of reinstating; the state of being reinstated; re?stablishment.
The acceptance into an occupational pension scheme approved under Chapter I of a member who has previously declined to join, or has opted-out.  Reinstatement can be solely for future service benefits or can also include past service benefits.
This is when a member joins an occupational pension scheme when, in the past, they have either chosen not to join, or joined a personal scheme instead. In some cases, the member may get pension benefits for work they did before joining the occupational pension scheme . These are called past service benefits .
An option which may be arranged to allow a yearlong independent learning student an additional three months to complete their course. This option may be exercised after an extension has expired. Contact CDE for additional information.
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A decision by the Commission to release a violator back onto supervision after the violator has gone through the revocation process; return to custody was not deemed in the best interest of the offender or society.
a method of bringing an abandoned application back to life. Must be done within 1 year the date of abandonment and involves the payment of an extra fee.
The act of reinstating a Void or Forfeited company by paying all back taxes and penalties, and appointing a Registered Agent going forward.
Formal permission by the guarantor for a school, lender, or servicer to resume participation in the guarantor's programs after meeting specific conditions.
The process of re-adding an item to the collection after it has been withdrawn