Definitions for "Regulations"
Rules or orders that are issued by administrative agencies and that have the force of law.
The regulations adopted and enforced by the CFTC in order to administer the Commodity Exchange Act.
Rules, orders, and the like, issued by various governmental departments to carry out the intent of the law. Regulations are not the work of the legislature and do not have the effect of law in theory. In practice, regulations can have an important effect in determining the outcome of cases involving regulatory activity.
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a complaint driven process which mandates that the DOL receive a complaint from an interested party before an investigation can begin
a new DOL model initial COBRA notice
regulations - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
an interpretation or clarification of the provisions of a portion of the IRC, issued by the Treasury under authority granted by Congress
These are the strictest legal instruments that are issued by the Council of Ministers. They have immediate, direct and generally universal effect.
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a multifaceted task
a complex and sizeable undertaking
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a bunch of 'bull'
the Biosecurity (Ruminant Protein) Regulations 1999. Registered programme a ruminant protein control programme registered under the regulations.
a crucial step in the process of properly evaluating a premises liability claim
a necessary first step in providing a safe work environment
a straightforward guide that prepares the reader to take steps to comply
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a challenge even with help from experts
an ongoing challenge
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a good thing
a step by step process, beginning with recognizing how your firm is currently doing things and how procedures should be changed, then create a HIPAA Policies and Procedures manual
Detailed directions developed by the administration to put policy into practice. They tell how, by whom, where, and when things are to be done.
a goal worth pursuing, in this case, we are persuaded by the arguments presented by states with regard to these certifications and are not going forward with these changes at this time
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a shift to require audited systems for Breeder Seed certification, designed to ensure the specific traits of a variety have also been maintained throughout that seed increase process
The instructions outlining the eligibility criteria and administration instructions for the award of individual medals.
a state depository item available at the Pleasant Hill Library
The subset of regulation adopted by an executive body such as a ministry or a central bank.
The Migration Regulations 1994, unless otherwise indicated.
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The Fish Export Processing Regulations 1995 [New Zealand], and a reference to a Regulation is to a provision of the Regulations. (4)
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an absolute requirement of this Policy
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a large part to consider
a matter to consider
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a marginal cost
a key component of green cleaning programs
" means the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000; "
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a fixed cost
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Part 890 of title 5 and part 16 of title 48, Code of Federal Regulations.
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Public Service Regulations 1999