Definitions for "Regional"
Style of Capoeira which was developed by Mestre Bimba.
innovative, modern style of capoeira, associated with Mestre Bimba
a brewery that has grown strong over the years through delivering beer that the locals wish to drink
Health care delivered across one or more specific regions (e.g., Northeast United States).
A haul of up to 500 miles that begins and ends in a single Estes regional territory (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest).
Regional is Amtrak's service between Newport News, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts. It has also been known as NortheastDirect and Acela Regional. Amtrak removed the Acela from the name due to mass confusion by passengers with the high speed Acela Express in early-2003.
having to do with a certain area.
items that were available only in certain areas, limited by geography.
Metropolitan or any other multi-jurisdictional area.
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A tumour that has extended beyond the limits of the organ where it started, growing directly into surrounding organs or tissues, but has not spread to distant parts of the body. See also: Stage See also: Localised See also: In-Situ
Adjacent, immediately filtering cells (notably bacteria, viruses and cancer cells) from the lymph returning from a site of disease.
In oncology, describes the body area right around a tumor.
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See: mid-level network. [Source: RFC1392
See mid-level network. WWWebfx Home Page
See: mid-level network Relational Structure
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Rhetoric Television
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Satire Services
characteristic of a region; "regional flora"
An area inclusive of and determined by participating national system sites and systems that is based on common management interests, similar or linked ecological characteristics, and/or other factors that provide a foundation for meaningful coordination.
In terms of SSI, regional means “having a significant effect on the entire EGR.” One of the key criteria for each of the reports is that they reflect an analysis and strategy that is regional in nature.
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Regional Application of the DCPDS data base
a tournament level above sectional and below national.
a tournament within a tournament
Of or pertaining to a particular region; sectional.
within a particular region (eg. California)
related or limited to a particular region; "a regional dialect"
The administrative boundaries of a legally administered public agency, which may be combined with all other regions.
A publication with editorial content that covers several cities or town within a state.
Concerning two or more countries within the same geographic region.
Refers to the Regional category (or the equivalent for other languages), and is generally distinguished from Topical categories because it organizes sites primarily by geographical relevance. Related terms: Topical See also: Regional Guidelines
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