Definitions for "Regent"
Ruling; governing; regnant.
One who rules or reigns; a governor; a ruler.
A person who reigned on behalf of a monarch who for some reason could not. George III went permanently insane in 1810.* His son, the Prince of Wales, later George IV thereupon became the prince regent. *A condition which we now know was due to porphyria.
Exercising vicarious authority.
Especially, one invested with vicarious authority; one who governs a kingdom in the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign.
One of a governing board; a trustee or overseer; a superintendent; a curator; as, the regents of the Smithsonian Institution.
members of a governing board
a member of the Board of Regents of the University; there are eighteen Regents: three bishops, three presbyters, and six lay--twelve in all--elected directly by the Board of Trustees; there are also six other regents nominated by the Board of Regents and confirmed [not elected] by the Board of Trustees.
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A resident master of arts of less than five years' standing, or a doctor of less than twwo. They were formerly privileged to lecture in the schools.
master of a school or college.
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Male leader of the alien Invid race.
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Regent is an inter-specific (French/American) red hybrid grape red variety, used for making wine. It has broad resistance against the most significant fungal diseases which affect grapes.
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