Definitions for "Regenerator"
A device used in connection with hot-air engines, gas-burning furnaces, etc., in which the incoming air or gas is heated by being brought into contact with masses of iron, brick, etc., which have been previously heated by the outgoing, or escaping, hot air or gas.
Same as recuperator except the gaseous products of combustion heat brick checkerwork in a chamber connected to the exhaust side of the furnace while the incoming air and fuel are being heated by the brick checkerwork in a second chamber, connected to the entrance side. At intervals, the gas flow is reversed so that incoming air and fuel contact hot checkerwork while that in the second chamber is being reheated by exhaust gases.
A chamber filled with checkerwork through which incoming combustion air and hot exhaust gases pass alternately so that the heat from the gases is stored in the checkerwork and given off to the air.
Device which recognizes signals which it is supposed to echo in the same position with their original amplitude.
Equipment that takes a digital signal that has been distorted by transmission and produces from it a new signal in which the shape, timing, and amplitude of the pulses are the same as those of the original before distortion.
A receiver-transmitter pair that detects a weak signal, cleans it up, then sends the regenerated signal through another length of fiber. Usually separate from an optical amplifier.
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a rotating ceramic honeycomb disc, driven at very low rpm by the high pressure spool
Promotes new growth or repair of structures or tissues.
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A device used for the process of regeneration.
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One who, or that which, regenerates.