Definitions for "Regeneration"
The reproduction of a part which has been removed or destroyed; re-formation; -- a process especially characteristic of a many of the lower animals; as, the regeneration of lost feelers, limbs, and claws by spiders and crabs.
The reproduction or renewal of tissues, cells, etc., which have been used up and destroyed by the ordinary processes of life; as, the continual regeneration of the epithelial cells of the body, or the regeneration of the contractile substance of muscle.
Renewal of a forest by either natural or artificial means.
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the process of returning a column to its original ionic form after use. Regeneration is carried out by eluting the column with a concentrated solution of the desired ion.
The displacement from the ion exchange resin of the ions removed from the process water. In the water softening process, when most of the sodium ions have been replaced by hardness ions, the resin is exhausted and must be regenerated. Regeneration is achieved by passing a concentrated NaCl solution through the resin tanks, replacing the hardness ions with sodium ions. The regeneration process can be repeated indefinitely without damage to the resin provided the incoming water has been properly filtered and by following the correct procedure.
Replenish Life +3-5
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The entering into a new spiritual life; the act of becoming, or of being made, Christian; that change by which holy affectations and purposes are substituted for the opposite motives in the heart.
the new birth engendered by the Holy Spirit vhenever a sinner repents of sin toward God and commits himself/herself in faith to Jesus as Savior and Lord.
The impartation of spiritual life by divine grace
Return-on-investment (roi)- Rural Carrier Associate (rca)
Regeneration is an album by Roy Orbison released in 1977 that marked the return to Monument Records where Orbison had launched his greatest successes more than fifteen years earlier. However, it would be a one-time only rekindling of the business relationship.
Regeneration is the seventh studio album by The Divine Comedy - and their first for Parlophone/EMI - on March 12, 2001. Three singles were released from the album: "Love What You Do", "Bad Ambassador" and "Perfect Lovesong", the latter failing to make top 40.
The process for providing an internal positive feedback within an electronic system for increasing signal amplitudes. Excessive regeneration produces oscillation and, hence, signal generation.
In audio, regeneration is another word for feedback; when something regenerates it continues or sustains itself as an oscillation. When an electronics engineer designs an oscillator, he takes the output of a gain stage and feeds it back into the input through a tank circuit (an RC, resistor and capacitor or an LC, inductor and capacitor combination); when the circuit is turned on, it begins to regenerate or oscillate at a specific frequency determined by the value of the RC or LC combination. When the output of a loudspeaker in a sound reinforcement system is able to get back into a microphone or sound system input, at some level and resonant frequency, the system is going to go into regeneration or feedback oscillation (squeal).
feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input
Action which leads to the solving of urban problems in areas, which have undergone decline. This action aims to achieve a lasting improvement in the physical, economic, social and environmental nature of an area.
Reviving the economic, social and environmental prosperity of a community, which is experiencing economic and social problems such as poverty, high unemployment, poor housing and poor health.
Upgrading an area through social, physical and economic improvements.
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Regeneration is a 1915 film which tells the story of a poor orphan who rises to control the mob, until he meets a woman for whom he wants to change. It stars John Mc Cann, James A. Marcus, Maggie Weston, H.
"Regeneration" is the title of a Star Trek: Enterprise television episode from season two.
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Process of receiving distorted signal pulses and from them recreating new pulses at the correct repetition rate, pulse amplitude and pulse width.
The process of improving disadvantaged areas.
The process of desiccants being regenerated by water being driven off the desiccant. Hot air or gas passes through the desiccant bed, heating it. As a result, the partial pressure of the water vapor becomes higher than that in the regenerating air. Water is therefore released from the desiccant and carried away with the air stream (purge air) until a new state of equilibrium is reached. ( 099)
Manipulation of cells to cause them to develop into whole plants.
Process of triggering the formation of whole plants from cells removed from the plant and grown in the laboratory under controlled growth conditions. One of the steps involved in the process of demonstrating totipotency.
Re-establishment of native plants in areas from which they have been removed.
refers to the electrical energy returned to the drive when a motor acts like a generator as it is slowed mechanically.
The action during motor braking, in which the motor acts as a generator and takes kinetic energy from the load, converts it to electrical energy, and returns it to the amplifier.
Usually refers to a circuit in a drive amplifier that accepts and drains energy produced by a rotating motor either during deceleration or free-wheel shutdown.
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The batch processing of a complete set of records, such as in MPS, MRP or CRP, that does not provide a net update based on a selected subset of records such as those with activity only.
Also called recirculation. A delay effect created by feeding the output of a delay back into itself to cause a delay of the delay of the delay. You can do it right on the front panel of many effects units, or you can route the delay return back into itself on your mixer. Can be a great deal of fun at parties.
The natural regeneration of vegetation. Natural regeneration contributes to the vegetation cover when the dominant species of the pre-existing vegetation types re-establish, but is less than 10 years of age
Recovery of natural flora and fauna following degradation such as land clearing or disturbance such as fire.
Retail market strategy Rupee markups
The union of parts which have been severed, so that they become anatomically perfect; as, the regeneration of a nerve.
The re-growth or repair of nerve fiber tissue, which can permit the return of function.
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the ability of an organism, such as a sea star, to grow a portion of its body back after it has been damaged or severed.
the ability to grow new body parts to replace parts that have fallen off
A method of boosting a digital signal. Remote bridge LAN-to-LAN bridge that links geographically distant LANs across a wide area link.
Bringing life back to villages, towns and cities. This can be done, for example, by, creating new jobs and better community facilities.
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For the 1997 film adaption of the novel see Regeneration (1997 film).
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makes your wounds heal faster, one HP per turn. If you wear two rings of regeneration at once, you will gain two HP per turn.
A consistent attempt to get a prospect to respond through direct mail and telephone selling, after a prospect has expressed some degree of interest.
After making changes to a site or page, commanding Interchange to regenerate means to update the changes for general use.
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See reproduction.
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See also Clean-up.
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The act of regenerating, or the state of being regenerated.