Definitions for "Refreshing"
This term can refer to periodic retensioning of tape, or the rerecording of recorded information onto the same tape (or different tape) to refresh the magnetic signal. In the audio/video tape community, refreshing generally refers to retensioning of the tape, but it can also refer to the copying of one tape to another. See transcription.
a procedure used to maximize the life expectancy of magnetic tapes and disks. In magnetic tape, refreshing involves unspooling and rewinding tapes to relieve stresses. In addition, data on the tapes are transcribed and rewritten to refresh the magnetic signal and prevent data loss. In magnetic disks, the term refers only to the rerecording process.
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Reviving; reanimating.
Our fathers spoke of "Times of Refreshing From the Presence of the Lord" (cf. Acts 3:19). Many a weary worker longs for such a blessing. Many a tired church needs just such a season. The "nearness of God is our good" (Ps. 73:28) and the prospect of His drawing close again carries with it the most wonderful prospect of refreshing.
This is the word meaning "updating" or "refresh". Web pages will never change their look or material until someone does it. If this is not done regularly browsers will abandon these unkempt sites. Return
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pleasantly novel or different; "common sense of a most refreshing sort"
cleaning, steaming, pressing, or applying a new finish to a garment to make it appear like new.
Transferring digital data to new storage media to avoid the effects of media deterioration.
The process of migration from one storage medium to another. The same as media migration outlined above.
imparting vitality and energy; "the bracing mountain air"
Process of recharging the cells of a dynamic memory.
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After a market maker has fulfilled his obligation of buying or selling and is willing to buy or sell more stock at the same price.