Definitions for "Refractory"
Obstinate in disobedience; contumacious; stubborn; unmanageable; as, a refractory child; a refractory beast.
OPottery) A piece of ware covered with a vaporable flux and placed in a kiln, to communicate a glaze to the other articles.
Any solid ceramic material suitable as a structural or protective material at high temperatures in a corrosive environment.
Resisting ordinary treatment; difficult of fusion, reduction, or the like; -- said especially of metals and the like, which do not readily yield to heat, or to the hammer; as, a refractory ore.
A tumour that does not respond to treatment.
A disease that does not respond to a certain form of therapy.
Brickwork or castable used in boilers to protect metal surfaces and for boiler baffles.
Gold mineralization normally requiring more sophisticated processing technology for extraction, such as roasting or autoclaving under pressure.
1/2ð Refractory Alloy
A term applied to those copper alloys which, because of their hardness or abrasiveness require dimensional tolerances greater than those established for non-refractory alloys.
Difficult to treat, unresponsive or of limited response to medication.
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A refractory person.