Definitions for "Reflexive"
Having for its direct object a pronoun which refers to the agent or subject as its antecedent; -- said of certain verbs; as, the witness perjured himself; I bethought myself. Applied also to pronouns of this class; reciprocal; reflective.
a personal pronoun compounded with -self to show the agent's action affects the agent
Self-referential. A literary work is reflexive when it refers to itself.
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Implying censure.
an automatic response, generally directed back on itself
without volition or conscious control; "the automatic shrinking of the pupils of the eye in strong light"; "a reflex knee jerk"; "sneezing is reflexive"
A grammatical construction in which two elements have the same referent is reflexive. Example:“ The team went by themselves to the game.
binary relation on a set is reflexive, if x R x holds for all elements , in .
Bending or turned backward; reflective; having respect to something past.
is a relationship between one of its objects and the object itself. ( Study 2)
Causing the subject and object to refer to the same individual
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See Reflexive analysis
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referring back to itself