Definitions for "Reflector"
Something having a polished surface for reflecting light or heat, as a mirror, a speculum, etc.
A reflecting telescope.
The portion of a light fixture that shrouds the lamps and directs the light emitted from the lamps.
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Reflector is the sixth studio album by the California soft rock group Pablo Cruise. The album charted slightly higher than its immediate predecessor, but still managed only to reach #34 in the US. Two singles were released from the album; "Cool Love" and "Slip Away", reaching #13 and #75 respectively in the US.
Reflector was produced by Planet Shakers in 2002 as their third album.
Reflector is the debut album of Australian band Killing Heidi, released in 2000. The album was an enormous success, propelling the band to prominence and eventually spending seven weeks at #1 on the ARIA charts. It eventually went 5x Platinum in Australia (selling over 300,000 copies) and won the ARIA Award for Album of the Year at the ARIA Music Awards of 2000.
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a computer allowing multiple nodes to connect simultaneously
a Linux computer that connects many nodes (repeaters) by streaming received audio back
a Linux computer that is not connected to any radio but rather sits on lots of internet bandwidth capable of allowing many repeaters to be inter-connected together by streaming the
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Same as glim.
Smoked-plexiglas panel on a gooseneck stalk that you insert into your seat's cupholder. The panel reflects captions from the LED display, which you then read. Can be positioned below, overlapping, or above the movie screen.
stationary plate component of Transonic R- and S-Series flowprobes; Each transducer alternately emits an ultrasound beam which is reflected from a stationary plate (reflector) to the receiving transducer. The fixed distance of the reflective pathway is critical to the measurement of the ultrasonic transit time and thus, the accurate measurement of volume flow.
Material put in place to bounce heat waves off of or to direct heat to a certain area.
This is the part of the Earth Station Antenna which "bounces" the RF signal into the feed. Most typical reflectors are parabolic dishes, and are usually referred to as dishes or antennas. Originally antennas were made large, on the order of 32 meters in diameter, but there is a trend toward smaller and smaller diameter antennas. Since most operating parameters for Earth Stations are functions of the diameter of the antenna, it is the most important parameter.
An antenna reflector is a device that reflects electromagnetic waves.
A reflector, in cryptology, is a component of some rotor cipher machines, such as the Enigma machine, that sends electrical impulses that have reached it from the machine's rotors, back in reverse order through those rotors.
Reflectors are videoconferencing chat rooms that only work with CU-SeeMe. You can see, and communicate with many people at once. To connect to a reflector you need a version of the CU-SeeMe software.
Used by CU-SeeMe, a reflector is a hub, or a server. Multiple users can connect to a reflector and visually and/or audibly interact, listen to a presentation, etc.
a high horse-shoe shaped wall of material which reflects back the heat and makes the best use of the heat from the fire and conserves firewood
a region of unfueled material surrounding the core
a piece of silvery, gold or white fabric stretched over a frame
a piece of software that allows multiparty conferencing
Reflector is a Decepticon character from the fictional Transformers toy range and associated universe.
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NET Reflector is a popular decompiler. See our decompiler page here to learn more.
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Any material that reflects more than 50% of the sound energy that strikes it. The NRC is a measure of a sound absorber performance, so (1-NRC) will give an indication of the reflector performance.
A device for reflecting sound.
Device in which the phenomenon of reflection is used to alter the spatial distribution of components from a source.
device that reflects radiation
One of the four standard team roles; his/her purpose is to make observations about team performance, interactions and dynamics and record/report strengths, areas for improvement, and insights
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The term sometimes used to refer to the reflective hood of an HID lamp.
The parasitic element of an array that causes maximum energy radiation in a direction toward the driven element.
a host that interconnects each user to a Virtual Room, by a permanent IP tunnel
a plane interface that is large compared to the wavelength and that reflects portions of the transmitted energy back towards the transmitter
A video server that intelligently routes multiple streams of data during a video-conference.
an inexpensive, yet more professional option
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an easy to use e-mail processing client-server program
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a single element
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One who, or that which, reflects.