Definitions for "Reflective"
Throwing back images; as, a reflective mirror.
An original, such as a photograph, that light bounces off of to create an image. Opposite of TRANSMISSIVE. In general, transmissive originals produce higher-quality scans than reflective originals.
A display that relies on the reflecting ambient light to provide the image. Good in bright lighting or outside.
Capable of exercising thought or judgment; as, reflective reason.
Addicted to introspective or meditative habits; as, a reflective person.
(meditative) structure a textual organization based on the pondering of a subject, theme, or event, and letting the mind play with it, skipping from one sound to another or to related thoughts or objects as the mind receives them.
Keywords:  reflexive, reciprocal
Reflexive; reciprocal.
A term referring to a material that has a white or shiny metallic surface.