Definitions for "Reflectance"
The brightness reflected from a surface such as a motion picture screen. See LUMINANCE.
The ratio of the total amount of radiation reflected by a surface to the total amount of radiation incident on the surface.
The fraction or percent of a particular frequency or wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that is reflected from the surface of a substance without being absorbed or transmitted.
energy that has not been transmitted or absorbed.
The full or partial return of transmitted optical or electromagnetic energy to the source by an index or impedance mismatch, measured in decibel (dB).
A measure of the amount of reflected energy from a single event (e.g. a mechanical splice, a connector mating, etc.)on a fiber cable. Measured in -dB and pertains only to the specific event. A contributing factor to ORL.
Keywords:  bent, medium, sent, back, amount
The amount that is bent or sent back by a medium.