Definitions for "Referral"
Sending a patient to another dentist or specialist for diagnosis and/or treatment
A formal request to test a child to determine if he or she is in need of special education services. Referrals must be performed by a multidisciplinary team.
Directing a patient from one care provider to another for care. Health plans may require the patient’s Primary Care Physician to approve referrals for coverage of specialty services.
Service order or Authorization from Corporate Client providing specific information regarding a relocating employee, spouse / partner, and family eligible to receive relocation assistance. Service parameters are specified, including length & type.
a request, to which the client consents, from one agency to another for that client to be assessed for a service.
a lead that has become a client
see special education referral
a child that is waiting to be adopted internationally
a formal request for multi-disciplinary assistance in identifying the special needs of a child
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Response pending more information, merchant must call the toll-free authorization phone number
It is a type of message received from an issuing bank when an attempt for authorization requires a voice authorization.
The message displayed on the POS terminal when an electronic attempt for authorization is denied and must be authorized by calling the Voice Auth. Center.
Process by which a juvenile case is introduced to court, agency or program where needed services can be obtained.
a law enforcement report to DFYS of criminal conduct on the part of a juvenile
A written report submitted by a law enforcement officer or other person who has reason to believe a juvenile has committed a crime that would place the child within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.
The assignment of a legislative measure to a committee.
The assigning or referring of a bill to committee.
The process of assigning an introduced piece of legislation to a Committee or Subcommittee.
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A request for help from someone in need of an assessment, which has usually been written down in brief notes. A referral can also be made by a third party on someone else's behalf, eg a GP for a patient, or a relative on behalf of a family member.
system member, who was directed to registration by referrer
an Editor who has been referred by a Zenome Member and edits at least one category in the Zenome Directory
the act of referring (as forwarding an applicant for employment or referring a matter to an appropriate agency)
a complaint that is designated to be more appropriately handled by an organization or agency outside the Georgia National Guard IG system
a complaint that is determined to be more appropriately handled by an organization or agency outside the Air Force IG system
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A process in which the parties in conflict are led to consider some specific form of professional counseling service.
Money or a gift a company furnishes to another company as a reward for directing borrowers to it for services. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) prohibits payment of certain referral or finder's fees and requires disclosure of others.
an opportunity to present your business to a person(s) company who are in the market to buy your product or service
the process by which applications for permits, licences, etc., made to one government agency by an individual or industry, are given to another agency for review and comment.
An allegation of a law violation, behavior misconduct, or need for services submitted to DJJ by a law enforcement agency or other accepted referral source, such as: foster parent, schools, or the parent/guardian. Each referral may have more than one charge associated with it.
To pass on information about a person to another agency or person so that they can obtain services from that agency.
a great place to get started, he said
a web page that contains a link to one of your pages that was used by a visitor to get to your site
This is a situation when on failing a particular exam you are allowed to retake that exam, however the maximum mark you can achieve is 40% (a pass), regardless of how well you actually do. This is different to a deferral whereby the mark you achieve is the actual mark you get. A deferral will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.
If a proposed takeover is investigated thoroughly by the MMC the procedure is that it is referred to the MMC by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
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a good thing," Ruch said
an diet offer for things like credit diet cards, diet pills and online casinos
a personal thing
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an RSS item that points to another RSS file (which may or may not be generated by Womcat Bookmarks)
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an offsite InLink imported as usage data
a true introduction, the beginning of a relationship between two people with a mutual acquaintance
a warm introduction to do business
a person who joined SecureLandInvest
a friend who has trust in YOU
a simple link in each newsletter so that the user can click to send a copy of the e-newsletter or a good article to a friend
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a testimonial and vice versa
a prescription from the referring practitioner
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Place on another site (URL) from which a user accessed a particular Web page.
a list of urls to
An external URL that brought traffic to your site.
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The origination point for a claim in EPICS.
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(See: referred lead.)
See Functional Escalation.
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A free play given to a cash customer when he refers somebody to open an account with our company. It works exactly as a match play.
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a bit of information, a company and a contact name that you feel could benefit from Spectrum's services
a set of information that includes contact details and brief descriptions of the proposal, its location and potential impacts on matters of national environmental significance
a warm contact
a warm lead generation system that takes advantage of and relies on people's inherent desire to help
Generally refers to an alternate disposition program, e.g., drug/alcohol rehabilitation.
The opportunity to undertake further assessment following failure of a module or modules.
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An affiliate which is attracted by other affiliate.
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a social event in a rural community
a huge responsibility
a transfer of complete responsibility of treatment
An object that contains the name(s) and location(s) of other object(s). It is a generalization of an alias.
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the act of suggesting the use of a certain broker.
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a good way to find any type of lawyer
a demonstration of great trust in you
A person that you referred to the program.
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a promise, but it often has qualifiers attached
(Internet Directory Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
a written notice instructing you to apply for work with a certain employer
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a good way to rise to the top of that pile
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a name of someone who can help you reach your goal
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a new customer, initial order only
a document required by some insurance companies if you have out-of-network benefits