Definitions for "References"
A list of publications, e.g. books and journal articles, that a person has used in writing a book, assignment etc.
A list of publications to which an author has made specific reference; usually placed at the end of an article or chapter, or at the end of a book, sometimes in chapter order.
Alternative name for BIBLIOGRAPHY, although some editors keep bibliographies for books alone and have other sources in a References section.
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a collaboration of Odile Loreille and Jan Kiesslich
business aquaintances who can verify and comment on your qualifications and background.
A statement about personal qualification, character, and dependability from a responsible person familiar with the job applicant.
Each reference consists of two parts, the two-page CASPA Reference Form and either a narrative on the electronic reference or a letter submitted on the writer's stationery if it is a paper reference. Three complete references are required. When two arrive, processing can begin if the application is otherwise complete.
Any item of prior art (publication or patent) used to determine patentability.
any prior art used to determine patentability. See prior art.
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to medical quackery over the years.
An element in the heading of each Survey Report that identifies published or other finding aids in foreign repositories that assisted an agent in discovering Virginia-related material in those collections.
Checking a tenant applicant's suitability to be able to pay the rent and also the applicant's track record in earlier rentals. This often involves contacting previous landlords, the present employer or accountant if self employed and bank (banks normally charge for providing references) See also Credit search references.
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The idea, person, event, belief, etc. that we have in mind and use in our thinking.
1) Commonly used source of information on a topic; see also resource. 2) Documentation of sources referred to in a written document.
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Proposed referees
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Abstract object identifiers.