Definitions for "Reference Point"
English, A point of contact in striking and trapping, also grappling, which illuminates through kinesthetic awareness, the position, range and potential of the rest of the body. In trapping there are four basic reference points, outside to outside (left to left), outside to inside, inside to outside, and outside to outside (right to right). Also known as an .
(1) A specified location (in plan elevation) to which measurements are referred. (2) In BEACH material studies, a specified point within the REFERENCE ZONE.
measure point. A mark or position on a tool to which all measurements are related. A tool zero. See measure point.(2) A depth datum.
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is ninety percent (90%) of the maximum of the salary scale of a grade.
The location in a test chamber where the microphone of a hearing aid must be placed for accurate testing. In the 6500-CX, it is the small circle in the center of the test chamber.
a 'location' that is used in measurement of a huge variety of phenomena
a location used to describe another one, by giving the relative position
A basis or standard for evaluation, assessment or comparison; a criterion.
Identifies a singular idea, person or event.
an indicator that orients you generally; "it is used as a reference for comparing the heating and the electrical energy involved"