Definitions for "Reference Desk"
The place to go when you have a question or need help using the Library (you can also call (630) 752-5169 or send a message to [email protected]). The desk is located on the main level across from the Library's entrance. Professional librarians are available there most of the time the Library is open. Their primary job is to be available to answer your questions and help you find what you need.
Reference Desk is staffed by librarians who answer questions involving search queries. The Reference Desk is located on the main floor to the left of the Information Desk as you enter the Library.
The location in each library (or in some departments) which assists library user in locating specific information. Reference librarians are familiar with library research techniques and will guide you to the appropriate sources for the information needed. They can also teach you how to use the libraries' resources.
a web page, typically containing numerous links to carefully evaluated and valuable reference resources on the Internet