Definitions for "Reference architecture"
a generalised architecture, from this, a particular architecture can be defined or be used as an example
a resource containing a consistent set of architectural best practices for use by all the teams in your
An architectural approach designed and proven for use in a particular domain, together with supporting artifacts to enable their use; it often provides the basis for creating an application architecture.
Keywords:  osa, cim, model, guidelines, enterprise
Non-industry specific reference base from which to construct models of a particular enterprise. Contains both Building Blocks and Guidelines. [CIM-OSA].
reference model that is mapped onto software elements that implements the functionality defined in the reference model.
A technical blueprint that identifies and defines the services that comprise the CGDI, and specifies the interfaces to those services.
a collection of the overall generic functions, descriptions, or behaviors of many (hopefully all) types of systems and their associated structures or frameworks