Definitions for "Referee"
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Referees direct and control various parts of the game as well as give rulings on interpretations of a situation or rule. At a festival some referees are quite specialised, for example a 'monster ref.' - not a huge referee but a person who sets up and directs the actions of a group of monsters. At Mayfest we have character referees who help players sort out their characters, a number of player referees who control (as much as anyone can at Mayfest) certain happenings or plot lines as well as monster referees and an overall (the buck stops here) referee.
A third person off the field who settles foul call disputes between the two umpires.
The official who has authority over all other officials at a meet. He enforces all rules, decides all questions about conduct of the meet, and is responsible for the efficient running of the meet.
Person appointed by a court to assist with certain proceedings, such as taking testimony.
Referees have full authority over all aspects of an event. It is the referee's responsibility to ensure that all rules are observed, that a high standard of judging is maintained, and that all technical aspects of the competition are satisfactory. The referee also assesses the marking of the judges, holds a post event review meeting, and writes a report on the performance of the skating and the judges for the ISU technical committees concerned.
Always has the final say on any decision. He has the power to warn, award points for and against a team or player, or dismiss a team or player.
a person who has been appointed by the Committee to accompany players to decide questions of fact and Golf law
The person appointed to see fair play and to keep the flight active. He could break up prolonged spells of holding, hugging or wrestling and prevent one man from choking the other, kicking him when he was down or falling on him and remaining there for too long.
A "referee" is one who is appointed by the Committee to accompany players to decide questions of fact and apply the Rules of Golf. He shall act on any breach of a Rule which he observes or is reported to him. A referee should not attend the flagstick, stand at or mark the position of the hole, or lift the ball or mark its position.
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One to whom a thing is referred; a person to whom a matter in dispute has been referred, in order that he may settle it.
a person certified by the USCA to observe questionable shots and resolve disputes between players.
the person to whom the referor refers.
The absolute authority on all matters concerning the rules and running of the race, the APBA supervisor.
a person that may have been a manager or supervisor in a current or previous job
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a person often less qualified than a commissioner, sorta like a full-time pro tem, and you can simply refuse to have your case heard by one
Sometimes asked for as a counter-signatory in grant applications as a guarantor of the organisationâ€(tm)s financial honesty and track record. This should normally be someone of professional or social standing who has known the work of the organisation concerned for at least one year.
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A Player that is referred to the Poker Room by another Player using the Refer-a-Friend feature.
a longtime friend of his
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A person or body who gives expert advice to a REC on an application or any related matter.
an impartial, independent expert in the field
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I wish to thank the referee for the suggestions: I loused it up.
The director.
also director, president; the mediator of the fencing bout.
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This term hasn't been defined yet
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An individual who will confirm the tenant's ability to meet the rent.
The person directly in charge of activities occurring at the meet. The referee's authority begins once the athletes arrive at the venue and extends until the results are finalized.
A person, usually a peer of the author, asked to examine a manuscript and advise the editor regarding publication. The term "reviewer" is used more frequently but perhaps with less exactness.
evaluate professionally a colleague's work
a person who may provide details of your character, education, employment history and suitability for the job to a prospective employer
Someone who can provide additional information about the person the résumé describes
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a person who provides a reference for you