Definitions for "REDESIGN"
A new configuration of resources in our network to deliver care in a most cost effective manner. The new configuration will be based on the most cost-effect delivery of health care and patientsÂ' clinical, geographical, and cultural needs and sized dependent on available resources.
Modification of a system by replacing some of its components; alteration of an existing artifact to fit a new situation; Example: building a new pinball machine based on one of the samples provided in Pinball Construction Kit.
design anew, make a new design for
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Business Process Redesign. The transformation of a business process to achieve significant levels of improvement in one or more performance measures relating to fitness for purpose, quality, cycle time, and cost by using the techniques of streamlining and removing non-value added activities and costs. Redesign projects typically take about six months to complete.
Fundamentally changing the technology employed by or the reporting relationships of the participants in a process.
changing the original character of a golf course, hole or feature.
a good time to simplify your navigation and organize it all
a "r-e-d-e-s-i-g-n"