Definitions for "Redemption"
Deliverance of sinners from the penalty of their sin, through their murder of the deity against whom they sinned. The doctrine of Redemption is the fundamental mystery of our holy religion, and whoso believeth in it shall not perish, but have everlasting life in which to try to understand it. We must awake Man's spirit from his sin, And take some special measure for redeeming it; Though hard indeed the task to get it in Among the angels any way but teaming it, Or purify it otherwise than steaming it. I'm awkward at Redemption -- a beginner: My method is to crucify the sinner. Golgo Brone
Repayment of a debt or preferred stock before the payment is due, at a premium price. Mutual fund shares are redeemed at net asset value when a shareholder's holdings are liquidated. Click this button to liquidate a stock portfolio in its entirety and move the balance to the cash account. TaraFolioTM will suggest that all securities holdings be converted into cash, if target returns have been reached or the holding period return on the portfolio has plunged below "Stop Loss."
Full repayment of a loan.
The right that an owner-mortgagor, or one claiming under her/him, has after execution of the mortgage to recover back her/his title to the mortgaged property by paying the mortgage debt, plus interest and any costs accrued, prior to a valid foreclosure. The payment discharges the mortgage and places the title back as it was at the time the mortgage was executed. See Equity of Redemption and Statutory Redemption Period.
The act of buying back property previously sold in judicial proceedings.
also known as the equity of redemption, this is a right to reclaim the property up until a public auction of a foreclosure process.
The act whereby God buys a person out from sin's bondage and penalty by Christ's payment. (Galatians 3:13)
The act by which we are literally "bought back" from the bondage of sin into the grace of God by the work of Jesus Christ.
reconciliation (by purchase and liberation) of slaves to their masters - and so metaphorically of salvation through the death of Jesus
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This is paying off the mortgage, either to move to another property or at the end of the mortgage term.
Any compounding of future payments but especially the discharge of a mortgage by paying off the loan and obtaining the release of the property. A redemption penalty may sometimes be payable for early redemption of a mortgage.
Redemption means paying off all the money borrowed under an agreement.
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Redemption (first published 1995) is a novel by author Leon Uris. It is a sequel to his epic 1976 book: Trinity.
Redemption is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Angel.
Redemption, the first novel by author, historian and former Trotskyist Tariq Ali, is an apostate satire of the inability of Trotskyists to handle the downfall of the Eastern bloc. It contains parodies of many well-known figures in the Trotskyist movement including Gerry Healy, Tony Cliff, Chris Harman, Ted Grant, Alex Callinicos and Vanessa Redgrave.
The cancellation of an outstanding debt through a cash payment.
Extinguishing a debt through cash payment. The contractual right of an issuer to exercise optional redemption is also known as a call.
To cash coupons or return bottles to obtain money or discounts.
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Final payment of the mortgage. At that point, title deeds are passed over from the lender to the former borrower and the former borrower now wholly owns the property. In the case of leasehold property ownership will cease on expiry of the lease.
Redemption is an American progressive metal band comprising former members of Fates Warning and Prymary. Early incarnations of the group featured members of Symphony X and Steel Prophet. Led by guitarist Nick van Dyk, the band originally featured Rick Mythiasin on vocals, Bernie Versailles on guitar, and Jason Rullo on drums, with Michael Romeo providing symphonic arrangements.
"REDEMPTION" is a single by Gackt. All the songs are composed and written by Gackt with music arrangements by Yukihiro Fujimura. It was released in Japan on January 25, 2006, with a price of ¥ 1,200 bearing the catalog number CRCP-10130 .
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Redemption, in the history of the United States, was a term used by white Southerners to refer to the reversion of the U.S. South to conservative Democratic Party rule after the period of Reconstruction (1865-1877), which in turn followed the U.S. Civil War.
Redemption is the eighth studio album by American Southern rap duo GRITS, which marks their last album for the CCM market.
This is a medieval RPG eventually incorporating FPS elements with focus in game-play, storyline, graphics, expansiveness, re-playability, and secrets. Growing from text-based, to 2D, then 3D, this will be a great project for people new to programming.
When a team hits all of the opposing team's cups after the opposing team had previously hit their final cup. [ More Info] See Also: Final Cup Related Terms: Overtime, Rebuttal, Short Change, Sudden Death
"Redemption" is the name of a two-part Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. "Redemption (Part 1)" was the finale of the fourth season; it was the 99th episode of the show, and it first aired on June 17, 1991. "Redemption (Part 2)" was the season premiere of the fifth season; it was the hundredth episode of the show and first aired on September 23, 1991.
The moment when a mortgage, or part of a mortgage, is repaid.
The final payment of the loan, being principal, interest and costs of the mortgage.
The final payment of a mortgage loan.
A settlement of a disputed claim, usually through a one-time lump sum payment. it fulfills the employer's or insurance company's potential liability for an injury or illness, which the employee alleges to be work-related. A redemption is not considered to be an admission of liability, however. Redemptions are also occasionally used to terminate liability for ongoing payment of benefits in claims where benefits have been paid on a voluntary or uncontested basis for a number of years. Redemptions must be approved by a workers' compensation magistrate according to criteria set forth in law including that the redemption “…serves the purposes of this act, is just and proper under the circumstances, and is in the best interests of the injured employee…(and) is voluntarily agreed to by all parties
when applying to units or shares, is the sale of units either directly or indirectly by an investor to the CIS or the operator.
In relation to shares means the purchase back by a company of some of its own shares.
this term means changing an e-currency into bullion form.
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a sure shot way of getting the prizes
The return from actions or promotional activities..
To turn in a secondary material to the original supplier.
withdrawing from or selling an investment
container Container Container for parameters surrounding the redemption of the issue.