Definitions for "Recycle"
To reuse or to put into the cycle again
To reused the remaining uranium and plutonium found in spent fuel after they have been separated at a reprocessing plant from unwanted radioactive waste products also in the spent fuel.
To use discarded material for another purpose.
When you fire your flash unit, it releases all of the energy stored in its flash capacitors in order to emit the flash of light. Before you can fire the unit again, the capacitors must have time to recycle, or build up enough energy in the capacitors in order to fire again. AlienBee flash units boast extremely fast recycle times, which are lessened as you decrease the flashpower. On the X-Series X800 unit, for example, the unit may be used at full power and will recycle in under 1 second! Fast recycle times are important for rapid shooting, as you can take shot after shot without pausing to wait for your flash unit to keep up.
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using a substance or parts of a substance more than once
Marks journal containing an error as invalid and prevents you from posting them. Once you have made the corrections and reedited the journal, you can post the journal successfully.
to use more than once
The process of making old volumes available for re-use and deleting associated catalog information.
A volume whose data has passed both its browse and retention policies and is available for relabeling.
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Software tool for adjusting the tempo of drum loops and other sampled phrases, distributed by Steinberg.
Each time changes are made to the step.rc, LiteStep must be Recycled to load the new settings before they take place. LiteStep can be recycled by executing the !Bang command !Recycle.
(Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
A very sensible practice of using things over again instead of throwing them away.
Remove all database references to tape prior to overwriting the data on the tape
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When a bird either losses or has the first clutch of eggs removed and lays a second clutch.
The use of water or wastewater within (internally) a facility before it is discharged to a treatment system.
Return of filtered liquid for another filtering; a continuous flow of liquid through an open or closed system.
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to treat something that has already been used so that it can be used again ..... return
use again.