Definitions for "Recyclable"
A term used to designate that a product or its package can be recycled. This term may be misleading as there may not be a recycling program that takes the identified material in the consumer's area.
Able to be used instead of raw materials to make a new product.
This is a term often used loosely, and sometimes misleadingly, on products. For example, just because a product is 'recyclable' does not mean it is environmentally benign. Most products have some environmental impact when the entire lifespan is taken into consideration. Even if a product is technically 'recyclable', collection facilities may not exist in a particular locality.
Most paper is theoretically recyclable, but systems must be in place to ensure that this happens before this term can be applied.
Keywords:  treated, return
is treated so that it can be used again..... return
possible to use again