Definitions for "Recruitment"
The act or process of recruiting; especially, the enlistment of men for an army.
social experience organized by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils in which mutual selection allows each potential member to determine chapter membership.
The process used by fraternities and sororities to enlist new members.
The survival of individual animals that settle in an arbitrarily chosen area at any one time.
Addition of new fish to a defined life history stage by growth from among smaller size categories. Often used in context of management, where the stage is the point where individuals become vulnerable to fishing gear.
the process of adding to the population or increasing the total numbers of a fish species.
process used by investigators to enroll appropriate subjects into a clinical study, i.e. those selected on the basis of the protocol's inclusion and exclusion criteria.
process used initiating Investigators or sponsor to select investigators for a clinical study
process that employs inclusion and exclusion criteria and is used by investigators to enrol appropriate subjects into a clinical study
A process designed to attract new volunteers to sport and recreation organisations.
The process of finding the right person for the job. This can include interviews, application forms, assessment centres and pyschometric tests etc.
The practice of soliciting and actively seeking applicants to fill recently vacated or newly created positions using a variety of methods (i.e., internal job postings, advertising in newspapers or electronic job boards/sites, utilizing search firms, or listing position with trade and professional associations, etc).
an auditory term referring to abnormally rapid growth of perceived loudness. In some patients with sensorineural hearing loss, as the intensity of the sound increases, the perception of loudness increases even more. For these patients it is especially important to use hearing aids that can "normalize" the relation between soft, moderate, and loud sounds.
Process whereby a progressive addition of motor units occurs during voluntary movements of skeletal muscle.
the process of increasing the number of active motor LETTERs; also called motor LETTER summation
Resource Planning Risk Quantification
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When the trial is open for people to enter.
Regulations Research team Results Risk Sham treatment Side effect Sponsor Standard treatment Trial Steering Group
the movement of plants into an area by (1) the transport of seeds by wind or animal dispersal or (2) vegetative colonization through the growth of underground stem and root systems.
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Travel required for the purpose of filling vital positions requiring special skills.
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see staff recruitment