Definitions for "Recruiting"
a global business and the bottom line is that as an MBA student you now compete on a global basis for jobs in New York, London and other economic centers
In college athletics, recruiting is the term used for the process whereby college coaches add new players to their roster of student-athletes each off-season. In most instances, it involves a coach extending a scholarship offer to a player who is about to graduate from high school or a junior college. There are instances—mostly at lower-division universities—where no scholarship can be awarded and the player has to pay for all of his or her own tuition, housing, and book fees.
Under the agency system of marketing insurance, the process and all the activities involved in looking for, attracting, interviewing and/or preparing to contract prospective agents. It is not unusual for the term to refer only to the processes of looking for and attracting prospective agents, while all interviewing (including testing and pre-contract training) is referred to as selection. (See also: selection.)
All measures involved in the hiring and employment of suitable applicants.
a process by which the sales manager develops a list of applicants for sales positions (531)
To invite respondents who qualify to take part in a specific research project. Recruiting can be done in person, over the phone, or by mail.
Inviting others to join your organization to share the same opportunity.
a nationwide physician recruitment firm dedicated