Definitions for "Recorder"
A kind of wind instrument resembling the flageolet.
a wind instrument used by schoolchildren, producing similar but even more shrill sounds than an ocarina (qv), which should probably be treated the same way
a wind instrument ranging from soprano to bass that look a little like a whistle. It has eight finer holes
The title of the chief judical officer of some cities and boroughs; also, of the chief justice of an East Indian settlement. The Recorder of London is judge of the Lord Mayor's Court, and one of the commissioners of the Central Criminal Court.
formerly, a judge at a municipal court
a barrister or solicitor who serves as part-time judge in towns or boroughs
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a Free to try program
an easy to use program that helps users to record sounds from cassettes, winamp files, windows media player etc
a powerful Windows sound program that will record any sound generated, or requested, by any other computer program such a
One who records; specifically, a person whose official duty it is to make a record of writings or transactions.
a tournament or organization official who keeps track of reports of non-standard behavior.
The public official in a political subdivision (such as a county) who keeps records of transactions affecting real property in the area.
Any device that takes a signal and permanantly places it on a recordable medium. A cassette recorder takes the electrical audio signal and changes the magnetic orientation of the magnetic material on the cassette tape to represent that signal.
A device which records well-log data on film, chart, or tape. See camera.
Any device which creates a semi-permanent display of data, generally on magnetic tape, chart paper, oscilloscope screen, digital display, etc.
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a necessity for recording EVP's
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See WebEx Recorder.
One of the four standard team roles; his/her purpose is to regularly document team decisions and discoveries during team activities
A local government employee whose role it is to keep records of all real estate transactions within the jurisdiction.
The team member that takes minutes during team meetings to capture team's progress. Once the team is well underway, this role can be rotated through out the group.
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Often used to identify the Archos Recorder models. Also referred to as AJBR a times. Full model names include Archos Recorder 6/10/15/20 (v1), Archos FM Recorder and Archos Recorder V2.
a SMART CONTAINER which contains NOTES which are individual recordings it takes
The person appointed by a Meeting to maintain statistics of the members and attenders of that Meeting.
person who takes notes at a general or consensus meeting to reflect the minority or majority views expressed.
The Recorder is a Web-based information system designed for small nonprofits, such as school clubs, churches, and other congregations. It records data on members, guests, contacts, groups, pledges, contributions, and other elements.
a general purpose real-time computer recording and signal processing device
a stand-alone device that will take a video signal and store that signal onto a blank CD or DVD
The machine that accepts computer-generated electrical signals and records them as human readable information on 16mm, 35mm, or 105mm microfilm, at up to 1/48 its original size.
A device to record high-speed digital data using hard disks or solid state storage. The Vortex family of Open and Targeted Recorders performs high-speed streaming, digital data recording, playback and analysis.
an excellent portable physiological data log or personal data log with multi-featured software support
a software package that interfaces with measurement hardware to acquire and log data
a shareware and is supported by your registrations
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a person in a group who writes what everyone says.
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The user who records and publishes a session.
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a listener to the current build process that records the output to a file
a directly and real
One who records the sale of real property with the local authorities.
Monitors information about plant production.
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equipment for making records
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a direct and