Definitions for "Reconsideration"
Keywords:  annul, reaffirm, prevails, vote, motion
The act of reconsidering, or the state of being reconsidered; as, the reconsideration of a vote in a legislative body.
This occurs when a member of Council wishes to bring back for further discussion a matter which has previously been decided on by Council.
A procedure by which the house, senate, or one of its committees may, after approval by majority vote, repeat the vote on an action previously taken to either annul or reaffirm the action.
The final level of administrative review of an employing office's initial decision about an enrollment or enrollment change to determine if the employing office followed the law and regulations correctly.
re-examination or secondary review of a previous judgment within the same court, usually involving additional facts or matters of law.
reconsiderations apply to externally assessed written examinations only. Candidates may apply for a reconsideration if they believe that a paper has not been marked correctly. A candidate applying for a reconsideration cannot apply for a review of the same standard/ University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarship subject. (See the NCEA Rules and Procedures for more information)
a careful remarking of a relevant summative assessment
an opportunity for work submitted to be remarked.
Reevaluation of the pricing classification of an inforce policy on an insured life, based on current evidence of insurability. The insurer may improve the classification or leave it unchanged. The ceding company should consider the effects of reconsideration on the reinsurer.
A process whereby a measure previously adopted or defeated can be reopened (within a strict time span) and again acted upon.
The action whereby a house requests the return of a measure sent to the other house or to the Governor, but not yet enacted into law, for the purpose of reconsidering the action taken on that measure.
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See petition for reconsideration.
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thinking again about a choice previously made; "he had second thoughts about his purchase"