Definitions for "Recon "
Retrospective conversion of manual cataloging records to machine readable format.
Retrospective conversion is the process of manual cataloguing information being changed into machine readable cataloguing.
Reconnaissance ECOVER -- Nama Island, Caroline Islands ECUPERATE -- Ellice Islands ED -- Great Britain (canceled) ED HERRING -- Finschhafen, New Guinea EDLEAD -- Lindenhafen Plantation, New Britain EDSTART -- Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan EDWOOD -- Lunga Signal Tower, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands EEDBIRD -- Yokohama, Japan EEFER -- Verde Island Passage, P.I. EFEREE -- South Seymour Island, Galapagos Islands
a kite control system used by Cabrinha that allows easier water relaunching
The viable cell reconstructed by the fusion of a karyoplast with a cytoplast.
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reconditioned (usually engine or gearbox)
Recon is an SSL audit tool, checking for common, certificate-related errors in SSL-enabled services. Provide it a list of SSL services for which you are responsible, run it periodically, and Recon will warn you of impending certificate expirations, mismatched certificate names, and unavailable services.
Game server browser written in Python and wxPython
The product made by reducing the BRIX of concentrated juice to single strength for marketing as ready-to-serve product.
a company with the experience neccessary to handle these types of requests, and is dedicated to providing cutting edge services to its clients
Abbreviation for reconnaissance. An exploratory or preliminary survey, inspection, or examination made to gain information.
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reconnaissance. Going out into the jungle to observe for the purpose of identifying enemy activity.
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an advance trip to a system that you want to fish, without the intent of fishing.
A region of a gene within which there can be no crossing-over; now known to be a nucleotide pair.
Common contraction for reconnaissance. See aircraft weather reconnaissance.
A release of lien filed with the county recorder by the trustee.