Definitions for "Reclaim"
To call back, as a hawk to the wrist in falconry, by a certain customary call.
To call back from flight or disorderly action; to call to, for the purpose of subduing or quieting.
To call back to rectitude from moral wandering or transgression; to draw back to correct deportment or course of life; to reform.
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To reduce from a wild to a tamed state; to bring under discipline; -- said especially of birds trained for the chase, but also of other animals.
Hence: To reduce to a desired state by discipline, labor, cultivation, or the like; to rescue from being wild, desert, waste, submerged, or the like; as, to reclaim wild land, overflowed land, etc.
overcome the wildness of; make docile and tractable; "He tames lions for the circus"; "reclaim falcons"
Returning used refrigerant to the manufacturer for disposal or reuse
to do something to materials that have been collected for recycling, in order to separate the materials that are reusable from those that are not ..... return
Process to recycle non-deposited powder through a delivery system for reuse.
To exclaim against; to gainsay.
To cry out in opposition or contradiction; to exclaim against anything; to contradict; to take exceptions.
Regional Clean Air Incentives Market (California's program for tradeable permits for sulfur oxides and reactive organic gases)
The product resulting from treatment of ground vulcanized scrap rubber tires, tubes and miscellaneous scrap rubber by the application of heat and chemical agents, followed by intense mechanical working. A substantial "devulcanization" or regeneration of the rubber to its original state is achieved, thus permitting the material to be compounded, processed and revulcanized.
some kinds of cured rubber can be mechanically and chemically processed into a state suitable for use in mixing new batches of compound; this is called reclaim material, generally used at a moderately low level
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The VT function of coping one MVC to another to eliminate obsolete data. When a new version of a virtual tape dataset is written by host software, the previous MVC becomes obsolete.
An act carried out by a seller who has tendered a live cattle delivery certificate that the assigned buyer has retendered. A seller will do this to collect the retender fee. To reclaim, the original seller establishes a long position in the pit and submits a reclaim notice. If no one demands the certificate of delivery, the seller takes assignment of his own retendered certificate and collects the accrued retender fee, thus eliminating the delivery obligation.
make useful again; transform from a useless or uncultivated state; "The people reclaimed the marshes"
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The act of reclaiming, or the state of being reclaimed; reclamation; recovery.
To claim back; to demand the return of as a right; to attempt to recover possession of.
The right to recover car hire as provided in Car Hire Rules.
1. To convert property from and unusable state (i.e. contaminated, flooded, etc.) to a useful condition. 2. To secure the return of property or rights.
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of materials from waste products