Definitions for "Recitation"
(Rec.) A small section usually taken in conjunction with a lecture.
a small discussion and review section
An extension of a specific course; a “review” session of sorts. Because some classes are so large, recitations offer a setting with fewer students where students can ask questions and get help from professors or TAs in a more personalized environment. As a result, it is common for most large lecture classes to be supplemented with recitations.
The act of reciting; rehearsal; repetition of words or sentences.
The rehearsal of a lesson by pupils before their instructor.
systematic training by multiple repetitions; "practice makes perfect"
The delivery before an audience of something committed to memory, especially as an elocutionary exhibition; also, that which is so delivered.
Pre-K An experience in which a child or group of children say aloud text that has been memorized (e.g., songs, poems, chants).
written matter that is recited from memory
Recitation means a going over what has been said before. It is used in a religious, an oratorical, and an educational sense.
a regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study