Definitions for "Recharge"
The replenishment of groundwater by infiltration of rain and snow through the soil.
Some of the water that precipitates, flows on ground surface (surface runoff) or seeps through soil first, then flows laterally (interflow), and some continues to percolate deeper into the soil. This body of water will eventually reach a saturated zone and replenish or recharge groundwater supply.
The process by which water is added to a zone of saturation, usually by percolation from the soil surface, e.g., the recharge of an aquifer.
To attack again; to attack anew.
To restore the energy in an old battery so that it can be used again.
load anew with ammunition, "She reloaded the gun carefully"
System by which departments pay each other for goods and services.
The assessment and collection by one university department of a charge to recover the direct costs of providing goods or services to another university department. A type of payment made via a UC expenditure account with financial object code 39xx and budget object SUB9. See Revenue and Income for additional payment information.
A recharge is an interdepartmental charge administered by a department/unit's Business Office. Recharge forms are available from Bay Tree Bookstore. Departments may requesst SC-15 recharge forms from [email protected]
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To charge or accuse in return.
To charge again.
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The amount of time until a skill can be casted again.
Reservations of Rights (Human Resources)
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