Definitions for "Receptacle"
The apex of the flower stalk, from which the organs of the flower grow, or into which they are inserted. See Illust. of Flower, and Ovary.
The dilated apex of a pedicel which serves as a common support to a head of flowers.
A special branch which bears the fructification in many cryptogamous plants.
A device that provides plug in access to electrical power.
electrical plug (just one); most wall installs have two receptacles
an electrical (or electronic) fitting that is connected to a source of power and equipped to receive an insert
A vessel including fasteners or closures or the layer of packaging that comes into direct contact with the dangerous goods
a special form through connector which mates a connector to a transmitter or receiver device
Usually the fixed or stationary half of a two-piece multiple contact connector. Also the connector half usually mounted on a panel and containing socket contacts.
That which serves, or is used, for receiving and containing something, as for examople, a basket, a vase, a bag, a reservoir; a repository.
An intercellular cavity containing oil or resin or other matters.
a container that is used to put or keep things in
a device which discharges material in the well or receives fluid from the well and transports its contents between the top of the well and the point of use by its own bodily movement