Definitions for "Receivable"
an amount due from another party
amount owed the Government by an individual, organization, or other entity upon completion of the acts giving rise to such claims. Examples of receivables generated by normal functions of Government agencies include amounts due for loans, sales of goods and services, fines, penalties, forfeitures, interest, overpayments, fees, duties, rents, royalties, claims, damages, audit disallowances, and travel advances.
When you sell something on credit, you should make a record of accounts receivable, namely: who and how much owes you. In bookkeeping, accounts receivables are recorded only in the assets item and represent the money somebody owes you.
a recognition that money earned now will be received in the future
An amount to be received at a future date.
A type of short-term asset representing an outside party's promise to pay cash to the holder of the asset.
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Capable of being received.
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subject to call for payment.