Definitions for "Recapitulation"
The third principal section of a movement in sonata form whose function is to resolve the harmonic conflicts set up in the exposition and development.
The Recapitulation is the section of a piece in sonata form in which the musical material of the exposition is replayed so that it ends in the home key.
In sonata form, the third main section (after exposition and development ), where the main thematic material is presented as it was in the exposition, though with the second group remaining in the tonic key. More generally recapitulation describes any large-scale structural return to the major thematic material.
The act of recapitulating; a summary, or concise statement or enumeration, of the principal points, facts, or statements, in a preceding discourse, argument, or essay.
That process of development of the individual organism from the embryonic stage onward, which displays a parallel between the development of an individual animal (ontogeny) and the historical evolution of the species (phylogeny). Some authors recognize two types of recapitulation, palingenesis, in which the truly ancestral characters conserved by heredity are reproduced during development; and cenogenesis (kenogenesis or coenogenesis), the mode of individual development in which alterations in the development process have changed the original process of recapitulation and obscured the evolutionary pathway.
emergence during embryonic development of various characters or structures that appeared during the evolutionary history of the strain or species
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