Definitions for "Readiness"
Readiness links preparedness to relief. An assessment of readiness reflects the current capacity and capabilities of the organization s involved in relief activities. (Landesman definition)
see preparedness concepts and planning.
physical, mental and emotional preparedness for a learning activity.
The state or quality of being ready; preparation; promptness; aptitude; willingness.
Used in a leadership context, the term refers to the extent to which a follower has the ability and willingness to accomplish a specific task.
In situational leadership, the extent to which a group member has the ability and willingness to accomplish a specific task. [5
A force's ability to be committed to operations within a specified time.
The time within which a unit or formation can be made ready to perform unit-type tasks. This time is simplified or measured by indicators of a unit's current personnel, materiel and training state. The time does not include transit time. Ships and their organic helicopters will have the required combat load and other logistic materiel embarked or appropriately positioned.
The readiness of forces to be committed to operations within a specified time, dependent on the availability and proficiency of personnel, equipment, facilities and consumables.
the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action); "putting them in readiness"; "their preparation was more than adequate"
term which denotes that a negotiating party is adequately prepared to enter treaty negotiations. The readiness of each party -- Canada, the Province, and the First Nation -- is assessed by the BCTC in the second phase of the six-stage process.
A conflict is said to be "ready" for settlement or negotiation when it has reached stalemate, or when all of the parties have determined that their alternatives to negotiation will not get them what they want or need. When this occurs, the parties are likely to be ready to negotiate a settlement that will attain at least part of their interests - more than they are getting or stand to get if they pursue their force-based options further.
a natural effortlessness; "they conversed with great facility"; "a happy readiness of conversation"--Jane Austen
(psychology) a temporary readiness to respond in a particular way; "the subjects' set led them to solve problems the familiar way and to overlook the simpler solution"; "his instructions deliberately gave them the wrong set"
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