Definitions for "Readers"
See Reading Glasses.
Glasses which are mainly used for help with close work. Entire lens area magnifies for ease in seeing at near point.  Since readers can be purchased in a variety of professional and retail settings, some consumers use this as a “band-aid” for regular eye exams.   Don't forget to see your eyecare professional for a true assessment of your visual health and sight needs
Equipment capable of enlarging micro images to a size that can be read with the naked eye. The images are projected on a ground-glass screen.
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Cards marked for cheating. See chapter Marked Cards.
Cards that have codes in the corner (e.g., "K" for a "king") of the card face so that they can be identified by anyone who can read.
The total number of people who see and read a publication, including primary readers (those that purchase the issue) and secondary readers (those who have access to an issue but do not pay for it).