Definitions for "Readability"
ease of comprehension because of style of writing. an objective estimate or prediction of reading comprehension of material, usually in terms of reading grade level, based on selected and quantified variables in text, especially some index of vocabulary difficulty and of sentence difficulty.
The speed at which continuous text can be read. Also Legibility.
The degree to which the information content represented by groups of alphanumeric characters--words, sentences, or continuous text--can be understood; depends on attributes such as the spacing of characters and the spacing between lines of characters. See Legibility.
writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read
the degree to which a system's functions and those of its component statements can be easily discerned by reading the associated source code.
the degree to which an image is clear when viewed on screen.
An e-mail client's correct rendering of HTML e-mail.
These terms are often used interchangeably to indicate how well a scale displays the correct results. Readability is the value of the finest division of the scale. Sometimes referred to as the smallest readable weight value
The ability to extract data under less than optimal conditions.
The overall appearance of how the type is spaced in the column.
The state of being readable; readableness.