Definitions for "RCD"
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Residual Current Device. Protects the user against short circuit (earth faults) and earth leakage caused by damaged cable or faulty equipment. A RCBO is a combined MCB and RCD, protecting against earth leakage/short circuit and overload.
Residual Current Device. A type of fuse which monitors the flow of electrical current through the live and neutral wires of a circuit. When an RCD detects an imbalance caused by earth leakage, it cuts off the supply of electricity as a safety measure.
Residual Current Device. A safety device (a modified circuit breaker), usually installed within a distribution board which monitors the circuit that is is serving. In the event of a earth fault or "earth leakage" contacts will open and the supply will be isolated. Used to enhance protection where the adequacy of the earth return path may be suspect.
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Rabbit Calicivirus Disease
Resource Conservation Districts.
Resource Conservation District (many)
Respirable Combustible Dust. A method of measuring ambient DPM exposures using a combustion process. Used in underground mines in Canada.
Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf
Resistance Capacitance Diode
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RAS-to-CAS delay
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Receipted by potential lender
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Registered Community Design
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