Definitions for "RCC"
Rate Center Consolidation
Regional Coordination Committee
Rescue Co-ordination Centres
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Radio Common Carrier. A telecommunications common carrier that provides radio communications services for hire but is not engaged in the business of providing landline local exchange telephone service.
radio common carrier. A communications carrier that provides radio paging and mobile telephone services to the public.
adio ommon arrier. FCC designation of radio services that are interconnected to the landline telephone system and offered to the general public for profit. Commonly used to refer to the older style mobile telephones that required a Mobile Operator to dial all calls for the customers.
Reactive Cell Changes. cervical cell changes, benign in nature, associated with inflammation, radiation, an intrauterine device (IUD) or nonspecific causes
Renal Cell Cancer. The most common type of kidney cancer (about 90% of all kidney cancers), it accounts for approximately 3% of adult malignancies. It involves cancerous changes in the cells of the renal tubule.
RCC stands for renal cell carcinoma. This is the most common type of kidney cancer. See kidney cancer section.
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VPI=0, VCI=18 is reserved as the VC used to exchange routing information between logical nodes. An RCC (Routing Control Channel) that is established between two Logical Group Nodes serves as the logical link information needed by LGNs to establish the RCC SVC between other nodes in the peer group and is derived from the existence of uplinks. /P
Regional Co-operative Council.
Retail Council of Canada
Radiocommunications Consultative Council Council established to provide advice and feedback on radiocommunications issues, consisting of senior members of industry and consumer groups.
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Robertson-Ceco Corporation
Radiometer Calibration & Characterization (RCC) software is used to automate the BORCAL process. The RCC controls all data acquisition from the reference radiometers and those under calbration, displays several color-coded fields representing the present sky condition and instrument performance, builds an instrument calibration database, and generates the final calibration report.
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Client/Server based tools to manage QoS on Linux system, configuration can be done via a remote GTK GUI. For the moment only HTB is supported.
Remote Center-of-Compliance or Remote Compliance Center (same as C-of-C)
Recognition of Current Competence
recognition of current competency. (See recognition of prior learning)
Recognition of Current Competencies
( Rottweiler Club of Canada) — National Canadian Rottweiler Club.
United's Red Carpet Club. United Mileage Plus elite members can pass time in the Red Carpet Club instead of the standard airport terminal areas.
Rotor Cast Control. When the bail arm is fully opened, the RCC acts as a damper, which keeps the rotor perfectly still. Combined with Positive Bail, this ensures total confidence when casting.
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Reinforced Cement Concrete
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Resin-coated copper
theory that describes the physical and biological succession in a river or stream through its course.
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Ratio of Cost to Charges