Definitions for "Raw data"
Raw data is recorded from the X and Ka band demodulator output interfaces and stored on High-Density Data Tapes (HDDTs). The Raw Data is not considered a product.
Specific answers to survey questions from individuals. Also called primary data or (by Census bureaus) unit record data. The opposite is secondary data.
Unprocessed and usually unformatted data; a stream of bits that has not been filtered for commands or special characters. More generally, information that has been collected but not evaluated.
In a dictionary, any information related to the key entry. The information can be the explanation of the key in a general dictionary, or perhaps all the Han characters with the pronunciation of the key entry in an East Asian dictionary.
Collected information before the application of statistical procedures.
It is the capability to copy the entire information of discs disregarding whether they are copy protected or not.
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Researcher's records of patients, such as patient charts, hospital records, x-rays, and attending physician's notes. These records may or may not accompany an NDA, but must be kept in the researcher's file. FDA may request their submission or may audit them at the researcher's office.
computer input that has not been organized, categorized or formatted.
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Each hybridization has at least one image